Hello to all and thank you for visiting my site https://ozart.shop/. I specialize in creating engraved ceramic line art of Australian Classic Cars. My first collection is Classic Holden Sedans from 1948-1970, my second collection is Classic Holden Utes from 1951-1970. My next collection that I am currently working on is Australia Classic Muscle Cars, these include Holdens, Fords, Valliant's. This is the first 20 years of the Australian Classics made in Australia. My next collections will be for the next 20 years from 1970-1990. I produce these Handcrafted products in a very small workshop and I am a 'one man show'.

Of course this takes time and just to produce one file for engraving can take me two days depending on the complexity of the original image, this is done with various graphic software and hard work!. After I have the file it is then laser engraved into a properly prepared ceramic tile. After the file is complete I then make the frame out of quality Tasmanian Oak timber, I purchase this in 2.4 meter lengths and hand cut the timber and joints. This is then sanded and finished to a smooth finish before staining with a quality Oak stain, after this the framing timber is waxed with Feast Watson matt finish hard wax. I then buff and assemble the framing timbers in a self constructed jig onto the backing timber of the frame. This is also finished in the same finish as the frame.

The engraving process is done with a CNC laser that I also constructed myself and reproduces the graphic file by cutting into the top layer of the ceramic. So this image is not removable as it is embedded into the ceramic. I have developed this process over the last six months with a variety of methods that produce a great quality product that will last for many years. After the frame is finished I then add the hanging hardware. If like me you have a love of Australian Classic Cars they make a great addition to any inside area in the house or 'mancave' or bar. My teenage years were in the late 60's and 70's so I have owned and driven many of these cars. In fact the first car I attempted to drive was a 1951 Holden FX Ute when I was 16 years old! Great fun! Of course the Ute was old then!

By the time I was 30 years old I had owned approximately 50 different cars, many Classic Holden's, Australian Ford's and Chrysler Valiant's. If I still owned them I would be a wealthy man! Frames sizes are 150mm x 150mm mostly but I do have some in 245mm x 245mm. Of course they are priced accordingly. I am currently working on the Muscle Car Collection for 1967-1977, after that I will start on the Ford Collection of Utes and Sedans and Chrysler Valiant Utes and Sedans, these will be the vehicles made in Australia for a similar time period as the GMH Holdens. Of course they were made and introduced to Australia at different times than Holdens.